Charmkins Pocket Pops

Charmkins Pocket Pops toysThe Charmkins Pocket Pops were small cases that opened up to reveal a pretty scene and a Charmkins figure inside. The cases had a lattice handle for easy carrying and a button at one end that could be pressed to open the case. As the lid opened, the Charmkin inside would pop up. When the lid was pressed, the Charmkin would fold back down and the lid would snap shut.

The Charmkins mounted to a little peg inside the case but could be removed for play. They each had a loop on top of their heads so they could hang from other Charmkins pieces.

There were three different pocket pops made: Freckle Face with her Secret Lollipop Patch, Mackintosh Bear with his Enchanted Apple Orchard, and Primrose Fairy with her Magic Garden.

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