Blythe Red Delicious 11th Anniversary CWC Exclusive Doll


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This doll is the 11th Anniversary CWC Exclusive Blythe doll. Released in 2012 to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Blythe dolls, only 2,012 of these dolls were ever made.

Red Delicious has been removed from her box and displayed but is in excellent condition and comes with her box, red doll stand, and full stock outfit and accessories.

Based on Snow White, her dress is designed to look like an apple with a bite taken out of it. The front is shorter than the back and a layer of white lace peeks out from beneath the top layer of red chiffon. A stiff tulle underskirt helps keep the skirt looking full.

Around her neck she wears a brown faux-fur capelet, which is removable.

Her thigh-high socks are white with metallic gold thread, and she wears tall black boots with gold trim. 

Her other accessories include a green velvet headband with bow (to look like the leaf of an apple), gold heart earrings, and a black basket topped with faux fur. Each side of the basket has a lid that really opens.

Her hair is a lustrous combination of 50% red and 50% dark brown and is thick with natural volume and body. Her nails are painted dark pink and she also has dark pink lips and green eyeshadow.

All of her eye chips feature special colors not commonly found on other Blythe dolls. She has icy blue forward-facing eyes, dark blue side-facing eyes, brown forward-facing eyes, and olive green side-facing eyes. The dark blue and brown eye chips both have holographic borders around the rim of the chips, adding extra sparkle.

She also has sleepy eyes which allow her eyes to stay closed like a sleeping Snow White. When her eyes are closed, she can show off her beautiful green eyelids and long, feathery black eyelashes.

To change eye colors on regular Blythe dolls, a single pull of the string closes the eyes, switches to the next color, and opens the eyes again. The eyes won't stay shut on their own.

Dolls with sleepy eyes have two pull strings. Pulling the regular string will advance the eye mechanism to the next color and close the eyes; pulling the second string will open them again. Her regular pull string is red and her sleepy eye pull string is a gold apple-shaped charm.

This Red Delicious doll has had no modifications made and her head has not been opened. Her only flaws are a slight dent and tear in the corner of the box and some wear in the gold paint on her shoes. Both of these are shown in the photos.

Overall, this doll is in excellent condition and is a rare exclusive to add to your collection. 

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Condition: Used

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