Flat Foot Blossom My Little Pony Vintage G1


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This vintage My Little Pony is Blossom, she's purple with a purple mane and tail, purple eyes, and white flowers for her symbol. Blossom is one of the original six My Little Ponies from Year 1.

She's an Earth pony and stands with all four feet flat and her head facing straight ahead, in the Flatfoot pose.  

Blossom's hair is in nice condition except for a few tiny brown spots in her mane, as shown in the photos.

She has some marks on her body, there are small pink and red dots and marks in various places and some black marks on her body and face, as shown in the photos. Some of the symbols on her non-display side are scratched.

Overall she's in good display condition, as most of her flaws are on her non-display side.

Her feet are flat on the bottom and are marked "1982 Hasbro, Hong Kong."

 Condition: Used, vintage

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