Berry Merry Attic

Berry Merry Attic for Strawberry Shortcake Berry Happy Home dollhouse
The Strawberry Shortcake Berry Merry Attic playset included furniture for the Berry Happy Home dollhouse.

The playset included a telescope and stool, plaid rug, pet bed, trunk, and a miniature version of the Berry Happy Home dollhouse.

The Berry Merry Attic items are some of the most rare and hard-to-find pieces for the Berry Happy Home.

There's often some confusion between several pieces from the Berry Merry Attic and Berry Fancy Fun Room sets. The Berry Merry Attic came with a plain yellow trunk, while the Berry Fancy Fun Room toy chest had fancy details and a cushioned top.

Both sets came with a stool, but the stool that came with the telescope has a red seat with a yellow base, and the stool that came with the Berry Fancy Fun Room piano has a yellow seat with a red base. The height of the piano stool can be adjusted by twisting the seat, while the telescope stool is a fixed height that detaches from the base when pulled.

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Stool comparisons for Berry Merry Attic and Berry Fancy Fun Room

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