Baby Lickety Split Beddy Bye Eyes My Little Pony Vintage G1


$35.00 USD 


This vintage My Little Pony is the Beddy Bye Eyes version of Baby Lickety Split from Year 4. Baby Lickety Split is pink with three ice cream cones as her symbol and has a pale pink mane and tail. She has light purple eyes that close when you lay her down. 

Baby Lickety Split comes with a few of her original baby pony accessories, including a yellow high chair, a baby bottle with a pink ring, an aqua blue dish, and a yellow spoon. The high chair is missing its tray and the dish has some scuffs and a deep scratch in the plastic, as shown in the photos.

Baby Lickety Split has a few spots and marks in various places on her body and there's also some dirt on the bottom of her feet, as shown in the photos. One of her eyes doesn't always close.

The bottom of her foot is marked "86 Hasbro Bradley."

 Condition: Used, vintage

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