Stacie Doll Vintage 1991 Littlest Sister of Barbie #4240 with Clothes

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

$20.00 USD 


This vintage Barbie is the 1991 Stacie doll #4240, advertised as the "Littlest sister of Barbie." Stacie has blue eyes, crimped blonde hair, and wears pink ball earrings.

Stacie comes with a few of her original clothing items, including a lime green crop top with pink stitching, a flowered skirt, a flowered tank top, pink shorts with lace trim, and a pink jacket with flowered material on the front. The outfits can be mixed and matched for lots of different looks. The jacket, tank top and skirt will also fit Barbie and Skipper.

Stacie's arms and legs are jointed and her knees can also bend. She's in excellent condition. The pink plastic material on her jacket is starting to disintegrate, so it leaves tiny little specks on her clothes, as shown in the last photo. 

The back of her head is marked "Mattel, Inc. 1991."

Height: 7.5" (19.1 cm)
Condition: Used, vintage

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