Miss America Barbie Doll Vintage Quick Curl Blonde Steffie Face Mold

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This vintage Barbie doll is the blonde Quick Curl Miss America Barbie made around 1973-1974. Mattel used the Steffie mold for her face, which has one of the most beautiful face shapes and expressions. She has blue eyes and eyeshadow, brown eyebrows, painted eyelashes, and coral lips. Her mouth is slightly open to give her a sweet and demure expression.

Her hair is frizzy on the ends and is missing some hair plugs, so it is quite sparse. There are also strands of material mixed in that look like stiff twine or plastic, they are the Quick Curl wires that allowed the hair to curl "magically" without heat or water. They've broken down and become hard, so they don't lay flat with the rest of her hair.

She has a few marks on her left hand and on her feet and shows some wear on her body.

Her bottom is marked "Mattel, Inc. 1966 Taiwan."

Condition: Used, vintage

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