Baby Stockings Christmas Pony My Little Pony Kellogg's Mail Order Offer


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This vintage My Little Pony is Baby Stockings, she's a white baby pony with red hair and has a green stocking for her symbol. She was not sold in stores and was only available through a mail order offer by sending in Proof-of-Purchase points from Kellogg's Cereal. She was released in Year 10, the final year of the My Little Pony line. 

Although the mail order offer didn't mention an official name for this holiday pony, she's most often called Baby Stockings by collectors because her symbol is very similar to an adult mail order pony named Stockings.

Both her mane and tail have lots of volume and curl, there's almost so much hair that it overpowers her small body size - it's an adorable look! She has green eyes and her head is turned in a sweet expression.

She has a small mark on her mouth and a few strands of her mane are shorter than the rest at the top, but she's otherwise in good vintage condition.

Although she was released in Year 10 (1991-1992), the bottom of her hoof is marked "1984 Hasbro" because she was made with the same mold used for Ember, the first baby pony.

She'd be a sweet addition to your collection and so festive to display for the holidays!

Condition: Used, vintage

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