Baby Blow Kiss Dolls

Strawberry Shortcake Baby Blow Kiss DollsThe Strawberry Shortcake Baby Blow Kiss dolls featured baby doll versions of six of the Strawberry Shortcake characters. They were a large baby doll size, measuring about 14 inches (35.6 cm).

The dolls had vinyl heads with rooted hair, cloth bodies, and vinyl arms and legs. When you squeezed the doll's tummy, she would blow a sweet-scented kiss.

Each doll wore a jumper, a hat or headband, and matching booties.

The characters included in the Baby Blow Kiss line were Angel Cake, Apricot, Lemon Meringue, Orange Blossom, Strawberry Shortcake, and a new character called Baby Needs-A-Name.

Baby Needs-A-Name came with two name bracelets so she could be given a name. She was only released as a Baby Blow Kiss doll and never appeared in any of the other lines.

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