Apple Dumplin & Tea Time Turtle

Apple Dumplin and Tea Time TurtleApple Dumplin is one of the baby friends of Strawberry Shortcake. She has short, curly red hair and green eyes.

Apple Dumplin's classic outfit includes a yellow jumper with a red embroidered apple, a matching hat with green polka dots, and green and white striped socks. Her pet, Tea Time Turtle, is green with yellow spots.

Apple Dumplin was made as a First Issue doll, a classic doll, a rag doll, and a Party Pleaser doll.

She also appeared in the Strawberryland Miniatures line, and a stuffed animal version of Tea Time Turtle was available in the Soft Animal Friends line.

Apple Dumplin was the only First Issue doll to come with a pet, and there were two variations of her pet. The First Issue version was made of hard plastic and featured Tea Time Turtle with all four feet on the ground. The Second Issue version was made of rubbery plastic and was slightly smaller, with Tea Time Turtle standing upright.

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