So Soft Fifi My Little Pony Vintage G1 Unicorn


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Fifi, she's one of the So Soft Ponies from Year 4 and has white flocking all over her body. Fifi is a blue unicorn with a white tail, and her mane is white with a dark pink streak. Her symbol is 3 pink poodles.

Fifi's flocking shows some wear in the typical places: her ears, the tip of her horn, the edges of her hooves, and on her neck joint. There's also some glue discoloration on her neck joint. 

The front of her body shows some uneven areas of flocking and some glue yellowing if looking closely. The end of her tail also has a bit of frizz.

Overall she is in good condition for a flocked pony and is one of harder ones to find.

Condition: Used, vintage

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