October Cosmos Birthflower Ponies Vintage G1 Mail Order My Little Pony


$40.00 USD 


This vintage My Little Pony is Cosmos, she's the Birthflower Pony for the month of October. She's a white Earth pony with a bright pink mane and tail and purple eyes. Her symbol is a pink cosmos, October's birth flower.

The Birthflower Ponies were not sold in stores and were only available for purchase through a mail order offer by sending in Horseshoe Points.

The ends of her mane and tail are a little frizzy and her body has yellowed a little with age, which is common for white ponies. She has some scuffs in her cheek blush and some small brown dots and marks on both sides of her body. There's also a small brown spot near one symbol, as shown in the photos.

The bottoms of her feet are marked "1982 Hasbro, Hong Kong."

 Condition: Used, vintage

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