Tour the Berry Dainty Dining Room

The Berry Dainty Dining Room is at the back of the Berry Happy Home. Strawberry Shortcake can entertain her friends here and have parties with delicious treats. The strawberry-themed goodies shown here are not part of the Berry Happy Home but are from a set of Japanese miniatures called Re-Ment. The Re-Ment Strawberry Set is perfect for the Berry Happy Home.

Berry Dainty Dining Room table in Berry Happy Home

There's a hutch where Strawberry Shortcake can store the yellow and green bowls that came with the Berry Happy Home. There's a tea set printed on the back of the hutch, but we've added some Re-Ment strawberry tea items that are just the right size. 

Hutch in Berry Dainty Dining Room

The bowls can also be stored in the lower part of the hutch, which has doors that really open.

Strawberry Shortcake hutch in Berry Dainty Dining Room

Next let's tour the Berry Cozy Kitchen!

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