Tour the Berry Cozy Kitchen

The Berry Cozy Kitchen is at the back of the Berry Happy Home and is where Strawberry Shortcake can cook delicious meals for her friends.

There's a stove with oven doors that really open, a frying pan, and a canister.

Stove in Berry Cozy Kitchen

The kitchen sink is shaped like a strawberry and has a leaf-shaped faucet.

Kitchen sink in Berry Cozy kitchen

There's a towel rack on the side of the sink.

Towel rack on sink in Berry Cozy Kitchen

Strawberry Shortcake is a bit old-fashioned with an ice box instead of a refrigerator.

Ice box in Berry Cozy Kitchen

Ice box in Berry Cozy Kitchen

The chopping block provides some extra counter space when Crepe Suzette wants to help make some strawberry shortcake.

Crepe Suzette and Strawberry Shortcake in Berry Happy Home kitchen

Next let's go upstairs and tour the Berry Snuggly Bedroom!

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