Tour the Berry Bubbly Bath

The Berry Bubbly Bath is on the second floor of the Berry Happy Home. Strawberry Shortcake can take a bubble bath here and freshen up.

Berry Bubbly Bath Strawberry Shortcake bathroom

The floor of the bathroom has a sticker with blue and white tile and a strawberry shape.

Strawberry Shortcake loves relaxing in the clawfoot bathtub. There's a soft pink bath mat to stand on when she's ready to get out.

Berry Bubbly Bath bathtub

The toilet seat lid really lifts up.

Toilet in Berry Bubbly Bath strawberry shortcake bathroom

Strawberry Shortcake can wash her hands at the sink and dry them on a towel from the towel rack.

Strawberry Shortcake berry bubbly bath sink

Towel rack mirror in Berry Bubbly Bath bathroom

She can also check her reflection in the mirror.

Bathroom mirror for Berry Happy Home

Next let's head upstairs to the Berry Merry Attic!

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