Party Gift Pack My Little Pony Set with Ponies & Accessories


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony set is the Party Gift Pack from Year 4. It's a fun collection of party accessories and also includes ponies in five of the different styles new to the Year 4 line - a Pretty 'N Pearly Baby Sea Pony, a Twinkle-Eyed Pony, a Baby Pony with Beddy-Bye Eyes, a Flutter Pony, and a So Soft Pony. Each pony has a party-themed symbol, and there are lots of fun accessories to help celebrate!

The set is incomplete and includes only what is shown here, the items vary in condition and are described below.

Celebrate - a Pretty 'N Pearly Baby Sea Pony with purple hair and blue eyes. Her hair is a little unruly and there's a brown stain in the plastic, as shown in the 3rd photo. Also a small brown dot on spine area and purple mark on back fin.

Party Time - an orange Twinkle-Eyed Pony with 5 party hats for her symbol. Her mane and tail have shades of pink, yellow, blue and green. Her hair is in great condition, her head is a darker shade of orange than her body and has some dark pink splotches in the plastic.

Yum Yum - a purple Flutter Pony with neon yellow hair, 5 pink hard candies as her symbol. She is missing her Flutter Pony wings and has a plastic tab broken off in one of the attachments. She has some surface dirt, scuffs, and paint rubs.

Baby Frosting - a mint green unicorn Baby Pony with Beddy-Bye Eyes. Three little cakes with candles as her symbol. Her eyes are purple and her hair is white. She has a little surface dirt and a few scuffs on her face and a dark pink stain on the back of her neck. She topples forward unless propped up just right.

Best Wishes - a bright orange So Soft pegasus pony with neon yellow hair and blue eyes. Her symbol is 3 teal birthday candles. She has some scuffs in the flocking on her wings (both sides), ear (non-display side), and feet.

Yellow sunshine comb or hair pick
Cloth sign or rug that reads "It's a Party!" 
Paper sign that reads "It's Party Time" - has some bends and creases
"Pin the tail on the pony" game, tail pieces that snap into hole are missing
1 large blue plate (for cake)
3 small blue plates (for slices of cake)
5 slices of birthday cake (can be arrange on large plate to look like whole cake, but one slice is missing)
4 pink birthday candles that push into holes on cake slices, 1 slice is missing a candle
2 yellow cups
White fleece "Party Panties" with pastel stars, will fit a baby pony
3 mini paper invitations - no writing on them, but they have yellowed with age
4 plastic noisemakers/blowers - pink, orange, blue, and purple
5 cardboard party hats with pom-poms and elastic bands - the hats are in poor condition, the cardboard has creases, the pom-poms are shredded or missing on some, elastic is stretched out on some

Condition: Used, vintage

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