Princess Sparkle Vintage G1 My Little Pony with Accessories


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This vintage G1 My Little Pony is Princess Sparkle, she's a Princess Pony from Year 5. Princess Sparkle (called Princess Amethyst in the UK) is a purple unicorn and has a turquoise mane and tail that has bits of dark blue tinsel added. Her symbol is a flower-shaped silver medallion with smaller iridescent purple crystals around the edges and a teal blue rhinestone in the center.

Princess Sparkle comes with her Bushwoolie name Hugster, her pink damsel hat with blue ribbon, and her blue glitter star wand.

She shows some light wear, but her hair is in very nice condition, it's smooth and the tinsel is in nice shape. The tinsel sticks out a little, but this seems to be from static rather than frizz. The tinsel is prone to getting stretched out and frizzy, but hers is still smooth.

There's a small chip in the plastic near her tail, as shown in the 3rd photo. There's also some glue around her neck joint and it looks like some of her hair got stuck in it, as shown in the 4th photo.

Her Bushwoolie has a small paint rub on the back of his hat, but is otherwise in good vintage condition. The elastic on her hat is not the original elastic, but was replaced because the original band was stretched out.

The bottom of Princess Sparkle's foot is marked "87 Hasbro Co."

Condition: Used, vintage

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