Christabel Corntop / Sybil Hoppinset Vintage Sylvanian Families Mother Rabbit


$45.00 USD 


This vintage Sylvanian Families rabbit toy is Christabel Corntop from the Corntop Spotted Rabbit Family, as she was called in the UK, or Sybil Hoppinset from The Hoppinsets, as she was called in the US. She's the mother character and has grey-tipped ears and a grey circle around one eye. She wears a yellow calico dress and a white apron with orange details.

Christabel / Sybil has poseable arms and legs. There were different hand styles available, this particular figure has open or flat hands rather than the curved-style hands with a thumb.

She's one of the more rare Sylvanian Families toys, so she'd be a perfect addition to your collection. She's in good vintage condition.

Condition: Used, vintage

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