Pink Lemonade, Retro Style

I found this vintage plastic serving tray and some mismatched drinking glasses at a local garage sale recently and instantly thought of summertime and pink lemonade. Although they were destined for my vintage shop, I just couldn't manage to part with them. They evoked thoughts of hot summer days, picnics in the shade, and running barefoot in the grass.

The small glasses are spaghetti drizzle Shat-R-Pruf roly poly tumblers, they're from the 1960's and were made in a variety of frosted pastel shades. They have a textured, rubbery coating that makes them easy to grip, tough to break, and prevents condensation from forming. There were also drinking glasses and pitchers made to match.

The taller glass is a fun retro piece with its irregular pink checked pattern. Made by Federal Glass, these also came in retro colors like aqua blue (my favorite) and yellow.

If you're planning a party or picnic this summer, vintage kitchenware is a fun way to add some color and variety to your tablescape.

Somehow pink lemonade just tastes better when served up retro style!

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