Wizard of Oz Costumes for Blythe Dolls

Since posting last week about BlytheCon Seattle's Journey to the Emerald City theme, I wanted to share some pictures of the Wizard of Oz themed costumes I made for my dolls to wear to the event.

From left to right, we have Furry Bella Bo in her Cowardly Lion hat (her stock outfit), Glinda the Good Witch, The Tin Man/Girl, Dorothy, and last but certainly not least, Middie as a Lollipop Kid.

Wizard of Oz Blythe Doll Costumes

All of the dresses shown here are variations of Kristine Ann's Blythe Hankie Dress Pattern. I modified certain elements of each, like making the skirt longer and fuller for Glinda's dress, adding sleeves for Glinda and Tin Girl, and making the pieces smaller to fit Middie for the Lollipop Kid dress.

Dorothy's outfit stays close to the classic dress design, with a blue gingham skirt with straps and buttons over a white blouse. Dorothy carries her black dog, Toto, in a basket. Toto is handmade from polymer clay.

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Dress for Blythe

Next we have Glinda, whose outfit also follows the original details with its full pink skirt covered with layers of tulle, a vellum crown, and a glittery magic wand.

Glinda the Good Witch Blythe Doll Costume

The wand was made from felt cut into the shape of a star and covered with glitter and sequins.

Glinda's magic wand

This Good Witch pin was one of the BlytheCon goodie bag freebies, and was the perfect addition to her outfit.

Glinda the Good Witch pin

The tulle on the dress was accented with silver glitter glue, glue-on rhinestones, and a vintage button on the bodice.

Glinda the Good Witch Blythe doll costume

Tin Girl's costume was lots of fun to make, the fabric has a shimmery silver/black sheen to it and a layer of red tulle underneath. Her axe is made of polymer clay and a dowel rod. Her funnel hat is made of cereal-box cardboard covered with fabric.

Wizard of Oz Tin Man Costume for Blythe Doll

Tin Girl needed a ticking heart, so I sewed one out of red felt haphazardly to the bodice of the dress and glued on a plastic clock cabochon. She also has a bow-tie in matching fabric at the neck.

Tin Man Ticking Heart Clock

For Middie Blythe, I immediately imagined her as a Lollipop Kid in this colorful dress and chef's hat. Although it's not at all similar to the original Lollipop Guild costumes, I think she's much cuter! A layer of tulle underneath the dress gives it some fullness.

Middie Blythe as Lollipop Kid

Her lollipops are made of polymer clay, and there's also a miniature polymer clay lollipop glued to the front of her dress. Her boots are from a Cutie Pops doll, but match perfectly with the outfit.

Middie Blythe doll with lollipops

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