Hungarian Magazine Feature – Postage Stamp Art

Postage stamp magazine feature

One of my handmade soldered glass postage stamp necklaces was recently featured in an issue of the Hungarian magazine Világunk és értékeink (Our World and Values).

The necklace is made from a vintage postage stamp with roses on it, and is showcased in a soldered pendant made with glass salvaged from a broken window.

The magazine is published by the Hungarian Post and this issue had a feature on items made from postage stamps. My necklace was featured on page 112, along with other postage stamp jewelry.

Rose postage stamp pendant necklace

Világunk és értékeink magazine cover Világunk és értékeink page 112

There are also fun home decor items and even a dress featuring the art of postage stamps.

Postage stamp home decor and fashion

I have always thought of postage stamps as little pieces of art, and love the idea of them being used for more than just mailing a letter to a friend. It’s what inspired me to start using them in jewelry to begin with.

It was an honor to be featured and I’m happy that they chose this particular necklace, as it’s one of my favorites!

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