Snow day!

Today we had two rare weather occurrences for Washington…snow and blue sky! Personally, I was more excited about the snow. I ventured out to fill the bird feeders for my feathered friends and was soon in for a treat.

 Chickadee at the bird feeder

Chickadee at the bird feeder

bird in tree

junco in tree 

A junco waits in the tree for a turn at the feeder.

two juncos in flight

Two juncos take flight while a third waits on the fence for a turn at the feeder

Feeding the birds is not only fun for me, but it’s good for them, too. I had my property certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat by providing food, water, shelter, and places for wildlife to raise young. These backyard habitats provide mini sanctuaries where birds and other critters can live when crowded out by development in their native habitat.

You can find more about the National Wildlife Federation’s Backyard Wildlife program here:
Garden for Wildlife

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