Sun Tea

Sun Tea

Like the rest of the US, we’re having a heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest.  While our usual temperature this time of year is around 75 degrees, today we’re expected to reach 93.  So I’ve set pitcher of tea on the back porch to steep in the morning sun, and later today I’ll be able to cool off with sun tea! 

What is sun tea?  Just sweet tea that’s been steeped in the sun.  I used Stash Mango Passionfruit for mine, but you can experiment with different flavors or just use green tea to see what you like best. 

My favorite source of teas is Adagio Teas – they have a dizzying array of different flavors and types, and you can purchase them in small trial sizes if you want to try a little of everything.  

Both tea bags and loose leaves will work for this recipe. I also add a wedge of lemon for a little extra flavor.

Sun Tea

Sun Tea with Lemon

Set the pitcher in the sun for several hours until the tea has steeped, then remove the tea bags or strain the leaves.  

If you’d like to sweeten it with sugar, it’s best to do it while the tea is still warm so the sugar will dissolve.  But if you’ll be serving to
guests, you may want to leave the sugar out and let guests add their own sugar to taste.  

Chill the pitcher in the fridge, then serve the tea over ice and enjoy a refreshing drink!

I’ve listed my recipe below, but you can experiment with your own creations depending on the type of tea use and your own personal taste.

Sun Tea Recipe 

1 large pitcher of water
5 tea bags 
1/2 cup sugar 
wedge of lemon

Fill the pitcher with water and add the tea bags and lemon.  Sugar can be added at the beginning if you know how much you like, or add to taste after the tea has steeped.

Place the pitcher in the sun and let it steep for several hours.  Then chill the pitcher (you could also use less water at the start and add ice at this point).

Serve tea over ice and enjoy!

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