How to Grow an Amaryllis for Winter Blooms

Amaryllis Bulb in Dormant Period

If you have an amaryllis bulb, start preparing it in September or October to have blooms in time for winter. The amaryllis is an indoor winter-blooming flower with big, showy flowers. Because it’s a bulb, it needs a cold, dormant period before planting to prompt it to bloom.

In September or October:

  • Remove your amaryllis from the soil and place it in a cool, dark location for at least 6 weeks. You can place it in the fridge as long as you don’t keep apples in there – apples give off gases that will sterilize the bulb.

About 8 weeks before you want the amaryllis to bloom:

  • Remove the amaryllis from cold storage and plant it in a loose planting medium with good drainage.
  • Water the bulb once thoroughly, then don’t water again until green growth appears or if the soil dries out.
  • Once green growth appears, water no more than once per week and only if the top inch of soil is dry. In several weeks, you’ll have beautiful winter blooms.

After blooming:

  • You can remove the flowers, but leave the leaves intact. They’ll store up energy for the bulb to bloom next year.
  • Care for as a houseplant for the rest of the year. Place in a sunny location and water when dry.

Check back in December or January to see the blooms!

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